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Wouldn't his dog face puffer eat the anenome? I was told that my dog face puffer would eat any invertebrates. Or no because they are the ones that sting? I just remember Nemo telling Dorry that he couldn't be affected or as affected by jelly fish because he lived among anenome... I think. Actually, I don't remember.

Mel, it sounds like we have similar setups. I have a dog face puffer, a baby clown trigger, a bi-color damsel, two new clown fish, and a bi-color angel.

Originally Posted by usmc121581
If you have a anenome for the clown to live in, you shouldn't have problems with it. My marroon clown stands his grounds with my bigger fish.
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I dog face puffer will eat inverts. Snells, hermits, ect. All anenomes sting some you can barely feel others are worse. The baby clown trigger always will pick off inverts to.

The lighting you will need is called a 50/50 buld it has half actinic and half day light. This is the bulb you will need for any time of corals even the leathers and polyps need that kind of bulb.

Micheal what type of clowns do you have?
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Awesome! I have been told alot of things about what I can and can't put in with the dogface however, he has a very odd personality. I think if he ever got hungry he would have a feast. I have a starfish and a cleaner shrimp and he doesn't mess with them. The only time he has messed with anything is when we first put the noobies in. He does like to munch on the snails but has yet to eat any of the 20 hermits. I guess I am trying for the best of everything. I wanted a tank with my dogboy and a cleanup crew. So far so good but, he is only 4 inches right now :D As far as you can or can't do this or that, I simply experiment but I try to use common sense.
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