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What could be wrong with my black Molly?

I am checking the water tomorrow as I usually get it done by my local pet-store, but so far, I only have one sick fish - the rest seem to be just fine.

My black male Molly (affectionatly named Midnighter) is sick. He has been rather slow for about 2 days and would stick to the top left corner of my aquarium and this morning he did nothing but lay at the bottom of my tank, not moving.

He is in a quarantine tank now: I have given him pieces of a semi-boiled pea soaked in garlic-juice and that actually seems to have helped a lot, after a few hour he is moving around a bit and seems more aware, though still listing backwards like it takes great effort not to drop to the bottom again.

I have also given him 2 salt baths so far. I would like to cure whatever he has naturally if at all possible, as fish-medicine is very-very expensive in my country.

He seems to have a white spot near his top-fin, and his gills were white earlier today - but it is on his skin, not protruding from it like fungus. His scales seem to have been outlined in silver on his sides, but they do not seem to stick out.

I have observed him passing a long white... erhm... number.2, it looked like the thread you use for sewing hanging from his bum.

He cant seem to swim properly, its like he can barely keep himself up and then he drops down to lie on the bottom, either on his belly or his side.

My tank is 135 litres, temp at 27, eiheim pickup airpump and filter, several large plants, 7 fish - 2 balloon molly, my black molly, two small fry large enough not to be eaten and two sailfin mollies, male and female+ magically apperaing snails. The PH is perfect for mollies because we live in an area with hard water and I do waterchanges 2 times a week.

I feed them with Vitakraft premium flake-mix, which should be great for Mollies, and contains prebiotics and spirulina.

I just moved my fish into this tank (after cycling a few weeks with bactostart, plants and a filter from another aquarium) after getting them from the petstore - they have been in the new aquarium for about 10 days and the water was fine then.

Is there anything else I can do to help my fish?

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My bad, his scales are fine and black, it seems to be the lighting in the quarantine tank throwin me off. But there is still a tiiiny white spot on his back
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The water feels colder than usual - could too cold water cause this in just 1 fish? The eheim heater might be broken or inaccurate. I need to buy a thermometer
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Technically it could in a fish that’s already immunosuppressed. Turn it up higher than normal if you can. You seem to be doing everything right as much as you can without medicine. Daily small water changes will help too. Sounds like fungus or velvet to me. If he’s getting better you may just save him

I am an aquarium caretaker in socal, with a past in saltwater and freshwater. I also used to work at a tropical fish store.
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