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Exclamation Very sick golfish

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Hi. ive rescued a goldfish about a week ago. he was very skinny and had a few patches with no scales and redness on his tail and the base of his hand fins
He wasent lethargic and ate and pooped well in the past week. yesterday ive noticed him flashing a few time and today he became super lethargic, sitting on the bottom sometimes even on his side moving only when i touched him and occasionly moving by himself to flash.
I have a few meds avilable:rid ich+ {malachite green and formalin} ,Prazi pro,Levamisole, methylene blue, Furanol and kanaplex
Im also considering salt baths. The red strikes can be septicemia or just another part of the parasitic infection..
I wanted to hear your opinion on what shuold i do and if you have other meds to reccomend on
Hes in a 120L tank with 3 internal filters, parameters are 0,0,5
Thank you

Heres the vid. He is sitting on the bottom in a U shape most of the time. when making some noise or pounding on the tank wall near him he "wakes up" and starting to swim like kinda normal, then after a few seconds stops and returning to the same position. He reacts the same when i put food near hi, waking up , swimming, eating the food then going back
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Go easy on those meds, it'll do more harm than good. Look up flukes. Sounds like a parasite if he's flashing. Do daily huge water changes and keep stress to a minimum. Low lights, no more tapping on the container. Just pick ONE med and follow instructions. Keep the temp around 78F. If this fish was bred as a feeder, it most likely has a low chance of surviving this. Keep it in the best possible water conditions and excellent goldfish foods (read the ingredients it shouldn't be full of wheat/soy).
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Hi, thanks for the replying.
Im not sure bout sticking to one med.. if its flukes then prazi will work, but if its other type of parasites then it wont.. in addition the overall lethargy and blood patches indictes septiciemia and that need to be administered by antibiotics..
I think i shuold cover protozoan and flukes and to use at least one kind of antibitic
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Update:He is still eating.overall hes the same, maybe theres some improvement that he "wakes up" for longer peroids and more often. He started to have ragged fins that might be the start of fin rot..
The tank is treated at the moment with praziquantel,ektol fluid{contains benzalkium and methylene blue} Furanol and kanaplex,4 days into treatment.
Ive checked for drug to drug interaction and everything seems fine but if you know of any please say
How is this that im seeing fin rot? both furanol and ektol fluid are claiming to treat that. also the temp and salinity{around 0.4%} should fight that as well.. any suggestions/ treatments for fin rot? or any suggestions what to do next?
thank you
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Fin rot is best cares for with excellent water quality. Aquarium salt can help following instructions. There is an ecosystem if bacteria in your fish that normally keeps it healthy. TOO MANY MEDS IS A BAD IDEA. Scale back and let the fish's own bacteria start re-establishing. You can cause more illness by going heavy on the meds. Either pick ONE general cure or target a specific problem. Don't try to fix the fin rot with more meds.
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The wate are clean i cheack them everyday.Meds should be used with care,in some situations using a few meds together ca be helpful. This fish was in very bad condition, showing symptoms of bacterial and parasital infection together. Idont know what kind of bacteria, nither what kind of parasites. I did salt baths for protozoans, prazi for flukes, methylene blue for protozoan and to promote healing nd deacresing the toxin bulidup in the fish blood{its more compilacte but in a sentence}. Kanamycin nd nitrfuanol are both wide spectrum antibiotics for internal infections that are often used together and it is claimed that they acutually strentghing the effect of each other.
In less severe cases when it seems you have time, yes , i think one should use a med and wait to see if its working and only then use another one, but in sever cases when things are esclating very fast , i think that after making sure there are no contradictions and interaction between the drugs you can use a few combined, in a smart and cautious way.
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He is continue to imrove, spending more and more time active and less time "sleeping"

The fin rot is still present , not progressing much and another thing is the flashing, that never went away but now as he regaining energy he is doing it more. Im assuming that he had a few external parasites that also caused infection and septicemia, and the antibitic treatment improved the septecimia{also no more bloody patches on him} and probebly some of the parasite ,but theres still someone there who isnt responding to salt or prazi, maybe costia.. tommorow im finishing the current treatment of the antibitics and im thinking wether i should stop with them and start a malachite green+formalin treatment, continue with antibiotics and wait with the parasitic treatment

Theres also an option to treat with mthylene blue insteade of malchit+formalin, which i know is ok to use with those antibiotics and then to continue with them as well.

What do you think?
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Hi, so after the improvment ive finished the treatment with the prazi,levamisole,methylene blue , kanaplex and furanol. He was active and eating, starting to gain weight, still had fin rt and a very big open wound under one of his fins,and he was still flashing. On saturday i started a treatment with Kordon rid ick containing malachit green and formalin. During the first 24 hours the flashing was gone and the next day the wound atrated to look better. The medication directions are to treat every 24 hours ,and repeat as needed so i treated it 3 times untill tuesday. on tuesday night {the med is still in the water} ive noticed white poop coming out and a bit of fast breathing. the next day the breathing got worse and he was less in to food and today he is gasping on the surface, not interested in food and had a really long and nasty white stringy poop.
In the last few days i did WC every day and parameters was always 0,0,5.
I dont know if i should restart with the rid ick again perhaps in higer dose option or to switch to an internal parasite treatment{prazi/levamisole} or maybe and antibiotics again.. What do you think?
also i read in some article tat formalin and malacite green can cause demage to the gills, cn this be what happened with him?
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I hope your fish will be fine. I used to raise fish, it was not easy to raise them and when they fell sick I was very worried
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