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unidentifiable worms/caterpillars/larvae??!!

I have begun to set up a large fish tank (190 litres). I have put in gravel and sand, no problems. I left some bog wood that I bought from a pet shop outside in a bucket of tap water for 3 weeks. I put the wood in the tank and these crawling beasties are EVERYWHERE. They appear to like wood best, then sand, then gravel. They are about 5mm in length. They have bodies in about 30 sections. The first section is a black head then there are about 5 translucent sections. Then there are about 20 brown sections and a final 5 translucent sections. They appear to have numerous legs but its hard to be sure because they are so small. The tail section may be pointed or tapered in a y shape but again, too small to be sure. They are definately crawling over the substrate rather than hanging/wrigling like mosquito larvae. I took the wood out, boiled it, emptied the tank and poured in water as hot as I dared and still the sods didnt die!!! They look edible to fish (fairly tasty, I would say), but what if they are parasitic? Does anyone know what they are please before I add my fifty quids worth of plants and get stuck with them for good.
Thanks. Ruth
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Pictures are worth a thousand words :)
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Attachged is the best photo I can get.....

Thanks for your help

Ruth :D
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Attachged is the best photo I can get.....

Thanks for your help

Ruth :D
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How do I attach a jpg file???
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here will show you how to post a picture.


a pictures worth a thousand words, but from the description sounds like it might be dragon fly larvae which will attack fish.
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Thanks for your responses.
I have looked up dragonfly larvae online and the things in my tank are definately more worm like. I have looked in the empty bucket where I soaked the bogwood, still outside and it is alive with the things aswell, so seems to be some type of larvae? The only other thought is can bog wood get woodworm? (although I cant see any holes in it). Any ideas?

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