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Mysterious Disease (with pictures)

Hi fellow aquarists,

I have had this 55 gallon freshwater tank running for over 6 months and no new fish has been introduced in the past 3 months.

All have been happy and healthy.... then on 11/4 I noticed a white bumpy spot on the head of one of the german blue rams. I scratched off the white spot with my finger and put the fish back. The ram has been doing well so far. Then on 11/13, I noticed three red blue tetra has similar white spot. I have since manually removed the spot and quarantined the fish.

Please see the picture attached:
1. It's different from the ick. (A few years ago, my another tank had ick, which was treated successfully. This time, the spots are larger, more protruding and far fewer).
2. Each fish only had one white spot. One on the forehead, two on the left side, and one on the anal fin. Four fish have been affected while others seem fine so far.
3. It can be removed relatively easily with my finger. (Yes, it grows on the skin of the fish. Not some dirt.)
4. All fish eat/swim/behave normally so far, but this is almost certainly a disease and I want to take actions asap.
5. My 3 other tanks are good so far, since I separate tools.

Please advise. Thank you all in advance.

Wish you all happy and healthy tanks!

_____________ below please find detailed information about my tank ____________________

* Tank:
- 55 gallon
- fresh water
- Tank has been running for 6+ months without any prior issue

* Water:
- Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate: Non-detectable
- pH: 7.3
- Temperature: 78F
- 30% weekly water change (vacuum clean) with Tap water + conditioner

* Fish:
- German Blue Ram 3" * 2; Red Blue Tetra 3" * 6; Sailfin Molly 3" * 1; Angelfish 4" * 1; Black skirt Tetra 3" * 4; bristlenose pleco 3" * 2;
- Had them for over 3-6 months.
- New fish were always quarantined. No fish has been introduced in the past 3 months.

* Environment:
- Live plants: anubis, java fern, coontail
- Barebottom with a few river pebbles.
- Fake hollow fig tree root.

* Support:
- Foods: flake/pallets. 1-2 times/day
- Filtration: Hang on back filter rated for 60g
- Heater: 200W
- Lighting: LED, on 6 hours/day. No sunlight exposure.
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_____________ UPDATE ____________________

On 11/18, on the very first fish having the issue, the German Blue Ram, another white bump appeared (this time, on her right cheek instead of forehead). She did rub her cheek against the rock, but otherwise ate/behaved OK. Again, the bump was easily removed with some gentle finger scrubbing. She is now in the quarantine tank treated with malachite green.

See the picture, which clearly shows the size (much larger than an ick), shape (not strictly a sphere, more like a cylinder) and color (white) of the bump. Such a large bump seemed to appear out of nowhere as I observe the fish a few times a day. Please help!
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg IMG_20191118_102803465.jpg (11.9 KB, 5 views)
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_____________ UPDATE 2 ____________________

Texture of the bump: soft, but not fluffy (unlike cotton/mold). Its surface is not extremely smooth either.
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probably whitespot disease happpens when water quality is low or stressed out fish buy the lifeguard meds
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There are multiple stages to ick and it can look like that. Raise temp in both tanks, add aquarium salt, go for an ick treatment too. Keep lights lows. Did you do a larger than normal water change? Has the water source changes? Feeding high quality/varied diet? For an established tank to come down with an illness it is usually from stress of some kind. Keep us updated, especially if you have a solution. Rams are a pain to keep healthy -soft water, high temps, and luck with good genetics.
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probably white spot disease happens when water quality is low or stressed out fish buy the lifeguard meds

I think it too
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