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My Giant danio might be sick


I have a giant danio and I think it might be sick. Bought it a few days ago and it had a bloated belly. The lady at walmart said it is pregnant, but it hasn't laid any eggs and the bloating looks like it is getting bigger. It has a large belly, the scales are flayed out, it is having trouble balancing in the water and it looks like it hasn't poop since we got it. I really worried it might die can someone please help me. Thanks in advance for the help.
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If the fish is really bloated and the scales are sticking out giving it a "pinecone" effect it sounds like Dropsy. It's not a disease in itself but a symptom of what could be a number of problems. Sorry, but I don't have much experience treating for dropsy. I know it is hard to treat successfully. Try googling it for more information on how to treat. I hope your fish gets better.

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Dropsy. It could be caused by a number of problems. I would quarantine it in a hospital tank and try some aquarium salt, It may or may not work.

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giant danio , large belly , no pooh , scales flayed out , swimming upside down

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