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Most of my Guppies Suddenly Died

Hi this is my first time posting on one of these but I just can't find someone who has a similar problem to mine.

So for starters I'll tell you about the tank it's a ten gallon with an amazon sword (I've been adding 1 ml of flourish to the tank to help it grow, also some snails that hitched their way on into my tank from it) and a piece of spider wood in it. That was beginning to cycle and as I wanted it to be a guppy tank anyway I decided to put a few guppies I had from the previous tank in there while I waited to put more in, to act as a source of ammonia. I have the liquid tester kit and have been keeping track of the water slowly turning into a cycled tank currently my tanks parameters are at:

pH: 7.0-7.2
NO2-: 0 ppm
NO3-: 5.0 ppm
Ammonia: 0 ppm

Now for what the problem is. I woke up this morning to find that two of the original 10 were dead, not really a big deal I just thought they were old as they were born in my tanks and I have no real way of keeping track of their age. I did a two gallon water change before work and when I came back four more had died. I have one more that looks like the ones that died that's acting weird like swimming into the glass and hanging out at the top, but the last three I have left are acting just fine. I panicked when I got home from work and threw them into my platy/molly 20 gallon without thinking about it.

Anyway if anyone could help me out with finding out what this all is that would be great I'm just really worried now for my fish honestly.
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Red gills? Gasping? What's your substrate? Test the tap water?
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The only thing that they really did differently was hang out more at the top in the mornings and just sit there, but they would perk up and go back to normal when I turned on the tank light and fed them. The substrate is CaribSea Eco Complete. What would I test the tap water for? I know mine tends to be on the harder side so for some water changes I throw in a gallon or so of distilled water if I have it or spring water, all treated with decholrinator.
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