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kindov oily with filmy bits, the tank was washed repeatedly with hot water and everything scrubbed down, it ran for a day without anything in it, the fish got put in, and the filter was taken out a couple days after that becaues my fish was way to facinated with what was taking the water out and puting it back in so his fins would go in it... or he would attack the returning water and flare all day....
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You have a 2.5 Gallon without a filter & heater? It almost sounds like the tank is going to have a bacterial has not yet cycled and there is a fish in...that's pretty risky for Mr B....I would suggest you get a Azoo palm filter ( or similar product) it looks like a tiny power is a sponge filter with adjustable flow so it won't toss Mr B around the tank..and a hydor submusible heater..both these items are @ $10.00 each may find them in a LFS or online Doctor's Foster & Smith fr example...that will help but your tank will dtill Cycle and it may turn really cloudy at some point for a is absolutly necessary to have both these items with a 2-2.5 Gallon tank..I don't think the water will clear up without a filter ...give this a try.. I hope this helps you..also check out the Betta Fish FAQ.. there good Betta care info in there...good luck and let us know how it goes!
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thank for the advice, i have been waiting on buying a new filter because in a week or so im getting a bigger tank and i was just going to buy a sponge filter for that rather than buy two. I have the temp set so that the room he is in stays in the high 70s at night and at 80 during the day... (i the temp stays between 78 and 80 degrees all day) so i dont think i need a heater until winter. do you know anything about the hydor mini heaters? like can you stick them on acrylic tanks or does it have to be glass? how long does it take a tank to cycle? I thought that was just for 100% water changes in tanks that had more waste buildup....

PS forgot to answer one of your earlier questions.... the stuff is only on the very top... it floats.
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the Hydor is so flat you can stick it under your will stick to glass or acrylic by little suction cups...they raise the temp only 5 degrees which is perfect for Betta tanks.
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