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gross water! help?

I have slimey whitish gross stuff floating on the top of my bettas water. he is in a tank thats just over 2 gallons and i do partial water changes every 4 days. I always make sure there is no uneaten food and such. the water is conditioned and everything too. any ideas? I removed some gravel and put a new fake plant in the day before the stuff appeared.... but the plant was washed several times in hot water
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do you have a hood? how about a filter
without a filter the water surface may become too still which allows that stuff to settle on the surface.

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are you using tap water with dechlorinator? Are you adding anything else besides dechlorinator?
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There is no chlorine in my water at all. it has some minerals though so i have water conditioner that gets rid of chlorine AND harmfull minerals. my filter was not a sponge filter and his tail kept getting stuck in it so i took it out until I get a new one. I do water changes 2 times a week rateher than once to make up for it. there is a lid but i keep a crack open on the edge about 1/2 centimeter wide for air to get in, it is out of all sunlight. I have heard something about protein film... could that be it? I dont know what that looks like....
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There is no chlorine in your water? Do you have well water? It could be some mineral in your water if you have well water or a water softener.
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yes its well water, but this is the first time I have had this problem. (I have only had bettas for a few weeks, but I have had tanks and tanks of fish before, we just put them all away a few years ago after the last of the fish died and this is the first fish we have had since, we have so many unused tanks in our basement right now its sad lol)
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When you had your tanks stored is it possible that some chemical or oil or something got spilled in them?
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no they were kept closed and everything... it just appeared after my most recent water change. I skimmed it off the top i cant tell if its coming back yet.
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Did the tank Cycle before you added the fish? How long did the tank run with nothing in it before you put Mr Betta in? Does the water look at all cloudy throuh out or just on top?
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Is it filmy on top or "oily" ?
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