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Discus Skinny/Eating/Sick

Hi guys,

I have a 55 Gallon long tank populated with 6 discus, 2 of them are adults other are juveniles.

One of my discus is looking quite sick but im not sure what is the problem to be able to treat him. He is eating, although he misses the food a lot when he targets it, and he does not it as much as the others.
He looks really skinny and I have just noticed that his breeding tube or anus idk seems to be sunken or a hole.
His fins seems to be going through fin Rot or so cause the anal ones are really short.

In the tank there is also 1 Siamese algae eater and 7 black neon tetras.

I thought about trying to improve his health doing many water changes instead of throwing him to another tank as he is still together with the pack and eating even though not in the best health. He has also been with top fins clamped most of the time.

While other discus seems healthy and more aggressive, eating like pigs and I can see that little belly after they eat, while this one his Bally seems to be always skinny or sunken.

The tank parameters are:
pH: 6.9
Ammonia: 0
Nitrates: 5-10
Temperature: 29 degrees
Water Changes: 40-60% weekly.

The tank is setup for around 1 year.

I have previously given a round of api general cure 3 months ago to the whole tank.

Although my concern seems to be that he could have some strong worms that general cure wouldnt treat.

I have at hand Levamisole and General Cure, aquarium salt, Epsom salt and garlic guard for treatment.

I can also separate him on a hospital tank.

I attached photos he is the dark reddish leopard discus. Sorry for the quality used my phone with flashlight.

I am feeding them northfin krill gold and new life spectrum discus. Also have available freeze dried blackworms as a treat.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you!
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Just got a photo of him doing a massive poo, strange the poo had a bubble on it.

Maybe this helps identifying problem. He popped it out but it was a large one even for his size, looked like it was brown but not sure if it had some white stuff on it or not, if it did was very little.
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