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Confused and upset

Hi everyone hoping to find some answers here :(

I recently got a new 30 litre tank, it's not the biggest but planning to upgrade soon, I currently have:
1 dwarf guarami
1 pleco (not sure exactly what type)
1 albino rainbow shark

All seem to be very happy and healthy in the tank.
I didn't think it was relevant, But I'm having so many doubts at the moment, these 3 all came from a pets at home store.

After waiting for a while for them to settle which they did, I went to a knights garden centre fish store as it was closer, and got 3 rummy nose tetra to finish off my little tank. This is when things started going wrong.

I lost one, due to unknown reasons I thought maybe my guarami was bullying them, then lost the other 2 one after another after keeping an eye on the tank and the other fish I had no explanation to why they died.
I decided to wait a while again and got 2 gold rams which were bigger so if it was the other fish, they wouldn't be in so much danger

1 week later both have now gone, one after the other again. It's a very weird coincedance. I'm really upset about it as I've had fish before in a previous tank and house and never had this problem
I've done everything by the book, that water is fine according to all the tests I did, i have changed/cleaned the tank as much as recommended.
The other fish are still fine. No problems at all.

I did have a unexpected algae bloom while I was away for a few days and left my other half to feed them but there was no change to how the tank or fish were being looked after.

Sorry if this was a long post, I just really don't know what's going on and I've become very attached to my fishys :(
Thanks so much for reading
Abbey xx
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Are you using care when adding the new fish. You need to float the bags until the temperatures are equal. The next step has been written in different degrees of complexity but I cut the tops of the bags and roll down enough plastic to make them float. Then about every 15 minutes or so, I dump a little aquarium water into the bag. I repeat until they start to sink and the waters mix after an hour or so. This has worked for me. Maybe you were already doing this?
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Yup acclimating new fish is important.

Can you provide the actual test results?

A 30 liter tank is less than 10 gallons, and the fish you have put in the tank so far require significantly more space. Sounds like you are aware of this - I would not add a single new fish until you’ve upgraded.

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Your water company should have publicly available test results. See if there are metals in your water. If there are, then try java fern. Also check the pH of your tap water at two different times of the day. Mine varies wildly.
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Sharks get big, common plecos get big (2ft). I would say, take back those two and put in a beta or try for a much larger tank. The bioload might have spiked your ammonia levels.
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