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Betta help

Hey! I got a male crown tail Betta two weeks ago from Walmart and he was in super bad shape. He has fin rot and I’m not sure what else but I can’t seem to nurse him back I just started a treatment of Melafix but he is super lethargic putting his head in the river rocks just laying there motionless and swimming fast back to the top of the tank; he also is “twitching” in the water and hitting things. Hit water is at perfect temp and I dosed the medicine correctly he’s currently almost always near the waters surface motionless but he’s stilll alive SOMEONE HELP PLEASEEEEEE
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Daily water changes (50%), make sure water flow is very low, use general cure/ recommended amount of aquarium salt. He may have something other than a bacterial infection going on. Keep lights lower to reduce stress. Fin rot takes some time and isn't the priority right now. Does it look like he's scratching on the rocks? Turn temp up to 83F. Give it some time.
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I’m not sure if he is scratching on them it’s like he touches them and flings away and does it about two more times before he settles down. And I added the aquarium salt also I forgot to add it
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be careful with the melafix not to use too much a lot of people say to dilute it for bettas. They make bettafix for that exact reason its just a less strong version of the same thing. Use aquarium salts but dissolve them separately before adding the water to the tank and do 50% water changes daily. Hotter water is better when they’re sick so 82 or 83 is ideal if you can. Floating plants may help as well to give his some shade and comfort. As many live or silk plants as possible will probably help him as well because he’ll be less stressed and stress can kill fish. Keep his filter flow low. Honestly thats as much as i can think of to help him im by no means an expert im only on my 3rd over the years. For the fin rot patience and clean water will be the most important things. If he gets healthier and starts swimming and exploring you can go one more week daily water changes then reduce it for one week to every other day the next week every third day and if he seems well then drop to once a week. Good luck!
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You can barely see him but he’s lying in the rocks I have him in a one gallon for quarantine
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