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I've got some yellow lab cichlid fry for sale. They're bordering on an inch or so. Some bigger, some smaller. Peacocks are a couple weeks older and about 1.5 inches. Again, some bigger some smaller. Most are a decent size for youngsters. Not picky eaters. Can't tell you gender though.

I have ten labs for sale, $4.50 each. Shipping depends on your locations, PM me your area code so I can give prices. Paypal only, please!
Request overnight, otherwise I use 2-3-Day priority mail via USPS.

Please have someone to pick them up, or have them sent to your nearest post office. I'll send a tracking number to you via PM, and also be watching it, so please don't let them sit out on your porch for hours. I can't make any live guarantees if you do that and won't refund if you contact me more than two hours later with deaths. If you have any DOA, send me three good photos, or video, of them in their original packaging. I'll refund you for them after that. =)

Peacocks are $8 each, same shipping applies. The peacocks are mixed OB's, though the father was NOT an OB(Dragon Blood, and I think one of my sneaky blue neons or otter points/butterfly's who hadn't colored up much at the time, snuck in there to ruin my plans). So they're considered "assorted" since I can't promise 100% OB's. =)

Photos are the adult peacocks, and some of the juveniles in their nursery. Also the labs in the nursery as well. Got them grouped together as fry. You can keep them together, but there's a risk of hybrids if you do that.

Peacocks need biiig tanks as they can hit eight inches long, minimum of 75 gallons. You can raise them most of the way in a 55-60 gallon, but you'll want them in a bigger tank once they're 4-5 inches. They can take a year or more to color up. I've had some start at four or five months. OB's and dragon bloods seem to color up faster than most, at least in the case of mine! But these are likely a mixture. Mama is 100% an OB, a marble-type at that. And she's very pretty for a female, I hope her youngsters get her good looks! =)

Labs can be happy in a 45-50 gal. They tend to be the more peaceful of the mbuna, and have a similar diet to peacocks instead of their herbivorous cousins. I like to have them on a good omnivorous diet and make a lot of homemade mixes, as well as use flakes and pellets to ensure they're not picky for their new owners.


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