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Hi everyone I don't usually post in here I'm a betta keeper and I was in the bettafish care page so I want to give a try to this classified section have some salvinia minima that has covered the top of my aquarium so I'm looking to trade some for some easy care plants specially a lily one of those that look red or purple with enough light

I can give about 4 sandwich bags full of them and if you're lucky you may find some red root floaters my plants are snail free so don't worry about snails

if I sell them would be 4 dollars per handful plus priority shipping to make sure you get them this same year or if you're close to Houston Tx i can drive an hour from southeast to any direction.:) my shipping days would be Monday and Tuesday let me know if any one is interested I don't want to just trow them on the trash can

Thanks for reading :)


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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