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Fluval Chi - 5 gallon Freshwater fish tank

That is my tank. I have changed it since the pic was taken, making small improvements and taking suggestions from all you brilliant folks! For example, i had a panda cory, but i have a 5 gal and someone said that wont work because he needs mates and a larger space, so i gave him back to the pet store even though he was the cutiest little fishy. Then, I also had Harlequin rasboras and LOVED them, but i gave those back to the fish store too because they should really be in a bigger tank and in a larger group. This all made me sad, but I am now working on keeping Dwarf Spotted Rasboras and Hybrid Rili x Blue velvet dwarf shrimp.

I am really really really hoping that you all say, "yes, this is a great plan". So here is what i have already in case you didnt look at the link to my aquarium. :)

5 Gallon Fluval Chi with one extra spot light for dwarf tears and hydor theo 25watt heater

Driftwood that was primed prior to placing it in the tank, and obsidian rock, and a rock i boiled and scrubbed with vinegar from my yard.

Eco complete gravel with java fern, anubius nana, staurogynes repens, baby tears

9 dwarf rasboras (ok'd by a marine science professional), 3 shrimp (one is berried, plus a couple of fry), one horned nerite snail who i think laid eggs today (!)

i have been testing my water like crazy since the tank is fairly new and with the new stock and everything :p plus im kind of a newb

ph 7-7.5
kh 80
gh 120
nitrite 0
nitrate 0
ammonia 0

im using seachem prime, stability, excel, and flourish micro mix

ok so now i can ask my real questions

1) i was going to try to lower the ph to a 6.5-7, but can all the little creatures thrive in those conditions? What would be ideal? How do i do it?

2) is 77 degrees F ok for both?

3) im thnking about putting a small sort of led grow light over the tank and replacing the filter with either the azoo 150 or the finnex pf-5 and placing a sponge over the strainer intake. Is there a better filter i should be using? Are those good? Do i even need to worry about it? Share your wisdom!

4) any low cost grow lights anyone can recommend? also would brighter lights be ok for my fish?

5) should i use a hatchery on the inside of my aquarium until the fry are bigger

OK wow. lots of questions. I would really appreciate any advice you can give on any of those questions! Thanks in advance!
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