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(wasn't sure where to post this)

If I were to go out and take a piece of fallen branch, remove the bark, and sterilize the wood, would it be aquarium safe?

Does leeching occur only in driftwood or all woods?
What would you say is the amount of days the wood should spend soaking if tannins can be released from this wood?
Boiling water or bleach/water solution?

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do not use bleach

do boil your wood till the water is clear (regular water changes as you go)

some woods the toxins in the wood (not tannis) could kill an elephant with ease, others have the same toxins, but not as much, ... these are what you are boiling out of the wood.

if you search long enough online you can find lists of wood that are aquarium & reptile safe (not always is the same wood safe to both)

other then that, it's the toxins you are dealing with and you'll be boiling those toxins out of the wood till the water remains clean.


not that this is a bad thing or not worth it, ... definitely worth it if you find the right peice :), ... and the price of wood from the pet store is insane :(, ... looking online, sometimes for a nice sized peice they're asking well over $100, ...

more than worth your time to boil the right peice you find off a tree or walking around the forest :)
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