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Why my snail is floating?

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Okay, for the past few days my snail has been floating in my tank. I check t see if he was dead and he didn't smell funny. I'm not sure way he is doing it. It's worrying me now and I don't want him starving to death. Someone said try to put him upside down to see if any "air" came out of him/ So I put him upside down like suggested and this how he looks so far.

He hasn't been eating either. Can someone help???

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Sometimes my snails float for whatever reason. They usually find a wall and climb down.
How long has he been doing this?

Eta: Hm, has he been moving at all, his.....fleshy bits?
Not much this week.:-? Only the times I put him upside down and then he'll close back up to his shell.
If he's still moving, I think he's okay. If you're worried, a small water change could help :)
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