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Why isn't my filter working? It ex working before and now it's not

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I tested in a bucket and it work, the brand of the filter is hopar canister external. I change one pipe since it was really nasty and I put the two tubes into my tank and it's not doing anything at all!!!

It has in and out outlet and I tried sucking both of the tubes but it didn't start, it's second hand which came with my tank. I position the filter onto the floor and the tank is sitting on my desk it about 120 litres...

I notice there is few parts missing e.g. Spray bar, strainer and few pipes
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There is only one moving part on a filter and that's the impeller. Sounds like something is obstructing it. Have you cleaned out the motor?
I would manually fill the filter with water and then put the filter head on.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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