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Why is my pleco hanging out in my airstone bubbles

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I keep seeing my pleco sitting on the glass right next to my airstone. I know they like currents but do I need to worry about the bubble entering his gills or anything like that? I forget what species he is I got it at the LFS and will post a picture when I get around to it. He isn't supposed to get very big and is brownish with black spots. I thought he was a rubbernose, pretty sure it isn't a bristlenose.
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I have bushy nosed plecos they are the same as yours. I have a air bubble wand and mine are fine. They like the bubbles. I have a uv/clarifyer santitizer in my 55 gal. tank that gives off a current that they like also. I have had problems with the Panda Corys. My water is fine and I do water changes and my tank is under stocked. I have lost all 3 of mine and bought some more and lost all of them also. My friend told me that she has had no luck with Panda corys and found them to be a sensitive fish. Go with another type of cory. Did you know they have a Dwarf cory that is really small it is a Pygmaeius.
My pleco enjoys laying right on top of the airstone. I guess it must be what they like to do? Maybe the feeling of the bubbles running over their bodies?
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