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Awhile ago i got a bigger fish tank for my betta fish. I thought of a comunity tank with more room for my betta to swim and even with other fish! That sounded great at first since my betta is super friendly. (Ps: Sorry for my broke english) I got 3 black mollies since i thought that would be perfect for my new tank with betta. Everything seemed normal at first, my fish where doing great, mollies swimming around, and my betta didnt even bother to touch them at all as usall, but then after awhile they started to hide alot, they would never come up to eat when i fed them, and they where super scared if i even come remotely near the tank, they swim qucik tp hide and even sotimes hurting themself while trying to escape and hide. For more info: there are 2 females and 1 male. Eitherway they are going crazy even somtimes going so far that they are trying to rubb trough the sand and substarte just to escape the fear. Its really sad to see them always so stressed out, and i know its not the betta fault because he never even comes near them. I dont even know if they get the food they need because only the betta comes to the suface to eat, so i always feed exstra hoping it will float down to the bottom for them to eat. For more tank info: i have big 35 gallon tank with alot of live plants so this shouldnt be a problem. Either way, fastforwared to today, yesterday i did someghing risky because i actully got 2 tanks so i thought of moving my mollies to my other angelfish tank just to see if this would make a difference without the betta. I did but they where super stressed out in the bag while moving them, the biggest molly i thought was not gonna mak it awhile he was swimming up and and down in the bag super fast even starting to swim upside down super fast, it was so scary. So i was fast to move them in their the new tank with the angels because it really got stressful for them. Today they are still doing the same thing, agian the angelfish dont seem to bother them, i have only seen the small placo try to scare them away and thats only because they are staying really close to the bottom of the tank where the pleco goes around. Btw did i metion, that they only stay still in one place and dont move that much, just moving their fins fast, ready to fly like a rocket anytime. Yeah its stressful i cant even be near the tank they are scared of me. They have been like this since forever now and keeps behaving like this, maybe even a year now.

I really hope somebody can help and find what this all is, why are my mollies reacting like this, and am i doing anything wrong? What can i do to improve this. If you know anything, it would help alot. Thank you from me Florent.

PS: sorry for my broke english again we dont speak so much english where
i am from.
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