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So about 8 weeks ago I got three Mickey Mouse Platys, three Bumblebee Platys, and Three assorted Mollies; All female. In the last month, I lost two Mickey Mouse, one Bumblebee and one Molly.

On Monday while cleaning my tank I found a baby fry, dark orange, thinking the mama had to be my Mickey Mouse Platy. But then yesterday I found another baby fry, this time it was black and white. I don't know who is or was pregnant, and if they still are pregnant.

Apparently, from what I have read, depending on who the parents are the fry can come out as different colours; a mama can be pregnant for about a month or depending on the water conditions be longer or shorter. I've also read that it can take up to 28 days for the full delivery, so I don't if I'm at the start or not. For the last week, I was so busy that other than feeding I wasn't paying attention to the tank, it wasn't until I went to do my weekly clean did I notice one baby.

I really do think it's my MM Platy, because of her belly size. But she won't stay still long enough for me to see if she has a gravid spot, and not that she is in the breeder net, it's really hard to see.

Here is a photo of all my adult fish, if someone is able to tell me if it's my MM Platy or not, that would be wonderful, I want to save as many babies as I can. Sorry, they move too fast, so hopefully, the photos are good enough to tell.
This is my Mickey Mouse Platy (Ariel)
Black and White Bumblebee Platy (Kisses)
Yellow and Black Bumblebee Platy (Chloe)
Light Orange and Black Molly (Mariana)
Dalmatian Molly (Lucy)
My Baby Fry.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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