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hi all
some of you may know me as Big-Bad, some as The-Wolf.
I'm a member of a few forums and have been keeping fish off and on since I was a kid.

I've worked in 2 different LFS's and currently have 5 tanks up and running
ranging from a 17.5 USG to a 100USG.

I'm into predatory oddballs atm but still have a healthy interest in the std community tank and I have a (mostly) danio tank with 6 different species of Danio in it.

My most prized fish at the moment are my tetragonopterus argenteus
purely because they are so hard to get hold of here.

well that's enough about me for now,
I look forward to showing you a brief glimpse of my world of fish soon.

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Welcome, Big Bad Wolf.:wave: :mrgreen:

I have a feeling I've seen your name mentioned in one forum before.:)

Looking forward to see your photos.:welldone:
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