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So i set up a tank about geez uhh 2 weeks ago using water from my 9 week old tank (which is now empty and i am selling) I have 2 tanks now. Both exactly the same just one holds the females and fry. other holds the males and is the community tank ( any fish i dont want to breed go there)

A few days ago my friend bought me a new male guppy. it was dark so i just stuck him in the tank, fed them and left in a rush. i got home the next day and he was dead. Covered in white spot so badly it wasnt funny and had a mouth infection :/ Okay.

Then the next day my female guppy birthed. i alreayd had 15 endler fry in there and so i could tell which ones were which due to size.


I had moved my young bristlnose to the other tank from the fry tank and now that tank has white spot too. I have put treatment in and its getting worse!

In the fry tank
- guppy females
-guppy fry
-endler fry
- female endler

in community tank
- 2 x mystery snail
- 1 x khuli loach
-4 x endler male
- 2 x marble bristlenose young (about 2 inches)
-1x peppermint bristlenose young - (2 and a half inches)
- 1 x ramshorn snail
- zebra danio male

I have put half the dose of treatment in. both tanks are 25 gal or bigger. i couldnt tell you off by heart.

The whitespot however is getting worse.

I have turned the heater up. added a semi strong solution of salt (dissolved beforehand in some of the tank water in a small cup) the marbled BN are getting it worse and worse. the endler males are fine same witheverything else. just the BN in that tank.

In the fry tank. female guppies are covered. the fry are semi covered.

So its been 48 hours and im really not seeing any improvement. I cant lose these fry ... i am meant to be selling them once they reach mature age. and the BN are gonna be used for breeding later on. I spent a lot of money so far on these fish!
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