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i bought 10 neon tetras from local fish shop about 2 weeks ago and when we were putting them in the tank we noticed one had no tail at all and his fins were nearly all gone, he struggled to swim and kept getting sucked up against the end of the filter, by the next day he was permanently stuck against filter and looked pale, sadly we lost him. last week we got 5 phantom tetras and all was going well but i got up one morning and one of the phantoms was dead at top of the tank and parts of his tail and fins were missing. now today i have just noticed that some of my neons have little white spots on about the size of a grain of salt, the phantoms all look ok and the neons are all swimming around fine, are eating well and dont appear to be losing there colour. my tank is a 130 litre tank, regular water changes and tested regular with no problems there. what do i do now? i also have some guppies in the tank and a small plec
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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