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Hi I'm fairly new to the world of tropical fish keeping and just at the very end of cycling my marina 160L, I find out I've had an outbreak of ich ! I went out and got some interpet anti white spot, raised my temp to about 82, removed my carbon media(really concerned as my tank had just cycled), inserted normal foam media in its place treated at half dose (clown loach infection) and only then did I realise I still had 4zeolite cartridges in my slim s20 external filters!! So my first treatment was a failure. After 24 hours I decided to get my carbon and zeolite cartridges, cut them open to remove all of the actual carbon and zeolite in a bid to return the media and its beneficial bacteria to save my cycling progress. Today I did a 25% water change, gravel vacuum and started treatment again. Just wanted to know if the treatment seems correct and whether or not the media will now work with the meds as well as maintaining its bacteria ? Any help would be much appreciated !!
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