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Okay, I am new, so here are some parameters and my problem.
First, I have a female platy with one large white spot on her side. She is also developing fin rot on her dorsal fin and a side fin.
I have just finished treating the whole tank with Lifeguard: All in One Treatment. Everyone else is fine. My tank had ick and it has gone away.
I have one other fish that had fin rot on his tail fin when I started treating for ick- it went away and is healing nicely.
This female is my only trouble fish now.

1. 20 gal long
2. Haven't tested water recently. PH is slightly basic because of coral shards in with gravel.
3. Water I use is always deionized.
4. Temp is set at 83-84 right now. I am currently performing a water change.
5. Freshwater
6. Tank had been set up 3 weeks. It's not a new tank, and it came with old gravel, filter, plants etc. took water in to test it when I set up- everything was great.
7. 2 medium size platys, 1 female balloon Molly, 1 male balloon Molly, 2 reg Molly, 2 leopard danios (minnows?), 1 gourami.
8. There was no quarantine.
9. Live plants- Java fern and a grass, hollow logs, rocks
10. Gravel bottom w/ a little coral
11. I have a filter meant for a bigger tank, bubblers and heater.
12. I leave the light on all day and turn it off at night, usually on from 7am-10pm. No sunlight.
13. Don't have a water changing schedule yet, doing my first water change now. Haven't vacuumed gravel.
14. Fed once a day, in morning, API tropical flakes.
15. Breathing looks normal to me, no gulping air or weird behavior.
16. I treated for ick last week, now changing water as recommended.
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