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I recently got two albino bristlenose plecos from my lfs and placed them in a 30 gallon with my Betta. They are still quite small (one is 3cm and another is 5cm). I have been noticing that there has been a collection of short white poop on my driftwood but the poop on the gravel is black. Could the nutrients have leached out from the poop to make it white since the poop on the driftwood is exposed more than the one on the gravel? I've read that this could be a parasite but the ones I've seen have been quite long and stringy. I've been trying to feed them zucchini but I think it's taking awhile for them to realise its food so they have only been eating what's in the tank.

Tank inhabitants:
2 albino BN pleco
One betta fish

Water parameters:
Nitrates: 10
Temperature: 24C

Thanks for any advice! :smile2:
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