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flippent observation

I guess I am a Wisenheimer but I have to ask when injecting co2 into your tank do you ever have an uncontrollable urge for a glass of seltzer water?? What is the difference between injecting co2 into your aquarium and adding small amount of club soda? Can we sweeten the aquarium by adding a little tonic water too?

Another aspect is adding fertilizer tabs to the water column appears inconsistent to me. We spend such effort resolving problems related to nitrogen in our aquariums, yet the plant crowd always adds more nitrogen and other organic compounds, increasing the total amount of nitrogen possibly enhancing the tds and negatively impacting ph. This behavior seems to me as ‘back-tracken’ going in the wrong direction, Away from the balanced system.

It’s reasonable to assume everyone will reject this view with statements about the benefits of live plants.

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