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Ok, so, I have a weird male molly. lol He breeds with just about every other fish he can...including my gold gourami, who happens to be male(except he shows no interest in swordtails). I thought that was kinda funny. lol

Anyways, I have heard a lot of yay's and nay's on which of the live-bearers can actually interbreed. I know mollies and guppies can, and that platies and swordtails can...but can mollies and platies interbreed? He's been mating with all of my female platies and mollies, but has no interest in the swordtails...which, considering how he goes for everything else, even different species, is a bit odd...
But yeah, which of these fish can actually interbreed, by proven fact or personal experience I'd like please, that have actually had fry. =) I have heard of people having molly/platy crosses before, but that was just one person who claimed it and had video on youtube, said she raised each baby herself away from other of their species, so has anyone else had it happen?

Yes, I know, most live-bearers can store sperm for up to a year from a single mating, and so many COULD mistake it, but that's not what I'm looking for here...just some proper info from people here that I didn't find on Yahoo or youtube of actual occurrences of which can interbreed. =p I trust the info on this site, you guys are awesome. So thank you for any help!
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