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Where do glassfish originate?

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I was curious about the glassfish, but can't find very much info on them except on how horrible it is to dye them. I am not interested in that.

These are not the glass catfish from India, but rather, they more resemble a tetra, I believe they may be part of the perch family. Does anyone have these, know how large they can get, their natural habitat, behaviour?
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Parambassis Ranga

You can keep them in freshwater or brackish setups.They should be kept in schools(shoals).Live food really helps as well .Go to Fish, they have a great article on them .Nice to see you researching before you get them. Good Luc with them they are great little fish!By the way totally agree with you about the practice of dying them
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Thank you so much, the had so much info on them, I seriously couldn't find anything, much appreciated!!
Parambassis ranga (Indian Glass Fish) — Seriously Fish

Just because I always like multiple sources myself. When I was a kid I kept the dyed kind, not knowing any better. They never lived long for me.
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