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What's the minimum tank size for certain snails?

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I was planning on starting a snail-only tank sometime, and I'm currently researching which snails are right for me.
The mystery and nerites are the easiest to get my hands on, so those are most likely a yes (already have 2 nerites) I was looking online and I saw first the Sulawesi snails, which I thought were the perfect dose of cute, but found them too large. Then I found the Rabbit snails, which are sold smaller. I also saw Thiara Winteri snails and thought they would also be good. I saw ramshorn snails too, which I liked (except for the quick multiplication thing). Possibly would also throw a Japanese trapdoor or two in there.

I haven't heard of this being done before, but a few reasons of why it wouldn't have come to mind. How many algae pellets, plants, substrates, and space would I need for that many snails?!? assassin snail's field day, huh?

Snails I need sizes for:
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