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What to spend my birthday money on

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I have some birthday money i got for, well, my birthday. One of it is a 25 dollar petsmart gift card. What should i buy with it, i was thinking either a baby brine shrimp hatchery kit for 10 dollars or a betta bowl kit for like 30-40 dollars (the bowl is like 2 gallons with a heater and a filter) I am also open for ideas on what to get so go ahead and tell me. I also have 125 dollars as pocket money and i dont mind spending some of that
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None of that sort. A new tank if there is still enough for filter, etc.:thumbsup:
no new tank, im getting a 55 or 75 gallon later this year so i dont need another 10 gallon....
Then I suggest saving it instead for your new fish for the 55 gallons.:) As for Petsmart gift card, a brine shrimp hatchery is fine provided you use it instead of not using it at all.
i probably wil since it would be awsome to see my fish actually hunt for food, also fry food incause any of my fish decide to get busy, if you know what i mean lol
I've used those hatchery kits before and they are pretty useful when trying to feed fry. Of course you could always just buy baby brine shrimp frozen but live food is always a bonus for young fish.
You can make a hatchery for a lot less than $25, as long as you have a spare air pump. I've seen them made in everything from custom acryllic boxes to ziplock bags suspended over a flashlight. Google for "DIY brine shrimp hatchery" and you'll get a bunch of good links. Then you can buy the $3 box of brine eggs, and have more money for your 55 later :)
no the hatchery isnt 25 dollars, its only 10 dollars so i'll probably only get that. My 55 gallon is going to have a lot of DIY stuff, like DIY ornaments (mainly rocks) I might even make a DIY wet/dry sump although it will be hard....
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