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Was just checking my tank before lights out i had noticed an area under the front of a rock that my GBN has decided to try and tunnel.

The substrate is sand but behind the rocks is pea gravel, quite large pea gravel at that, it was put there to try and restrict how far the little blighter can get. Anyway his little tunnel had managed to collapse!
I got the rocks above it moved ( before anyone says it all the rocks are sat on the base of the tank and the substrate put in after, except for 2 which are on top of a piece of bogwood. This wood has 2 hefty sized rocks behind it to hold it down.
The intention of this wood was for the GBN to have a cave, he lived under this wood for a year in his old tank)

After moving the rocks i moved some of the substrate to try and find him, he was well buried!!
I thought i might be fishing out a dead plec so i decided to get a small net and try and scoop him out.
The little sod was alive thankfully and after guiding him into his purpose made cave he had a stern berating!

The GBN is fine but the tanks a bit of a wreck at the moment!!!

Not hapy with the mess, happy the plecs alive and wishing i could have a naughty step!!!!!!

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hahaha.. Aww... poor thing. I know what you mean though I have put fish in timeouts...even have a "Time out tank" sign my daughter made for naughty cichlids. but even a time our two wanted to spank them.
Wish I had andvice for you :-?
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