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What to add to tap water during water changes

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I have been to two local fish stores and I have been recommended to do different things to my water before I add it to my tank during the routine water changes.

One place told me to use Seachem's Prime Water Conditioner and API Stresszyme with my water.

Another place is telling me to use Tender Living Care's products StartSmart Complete and Conditioner.

I am wonder if anyone has found a product that works great. And also where I might be able to get it cheap on-line. I found that all these chemicals are like $20 for a 3 month supply at my local stores, and I don't feel like experimenting with my fish.
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The only thing I add to my tanks is SeaChem Prime . Its wonderful stuff. The bottle I buy costs 16$, but it treats 5000 gallons, whichis alot of water changes for my 6 tanks. I have two 75 gallon, a 50, a 40, a 29, and a 26 gallon tank. For so many treatments of water,16$ is not very expensive at all. Don't buy the cheaper conditioners. The bottle may cost less, but its not as concentrated and will not treat as much water. In the long run you SAVE money by getting the good stuff!
Good luck and happy tanking!
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Thanks so Prime is good then...

I been using that since I started but like I said another pet store told me this other stuff was better.

BTW how do you add the prime? I been doing a cap full to each 5 gallon bucket of water I add before I add the water.

And do you add anything else to the water or just prime?
Second thumbs up for Prime. I buy the half gallon or gallon jug, 30 tanks 1k gallons running though. Figure on 2 drops per gallon, or 10 drops for a 5 gallon bucket. One ml is 20 drops, I'll often double dose due to my water supply quality. I hardly use buckets with my setup, usually fry tanks & that's it, so the kid's medicine droppers that are graduated in ml work great for my use. I squirt in 1ml/5 gallons after filling with a hose.
Do not add a whole capful per 5 gallons. It probaly would not kill, but no need to waste it. A capful treats 50 gallons. I add the prime to the fresh new water before I put the water in the tank, but I'm one of the few who still uses buckets. You might want to look into buying a " python" which changes the water for you . It hooks to your faucet and somehwo drains the water and also refills the tank.
Good luck!
3rd thumbs up for Prime. It will last you forever with one tank.

Oh and it stinks so don't be worried when you open that cap. It's normal.
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