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Hi all,
I have just upgraded my fish to new quarters- a 40 gallon from a 20. Everyone is doing great, and of course, I'm dreaming of what else I can add. My current stock is:
3 Lyretail Swords
1 Tuxedo Platy
2 Albino Cory cats
1 Zebra Loach
1 Otocinclus

My tentative plan was to fill out some of the schools that had dwindled- so how many Platys, Otocinclus, Corys, and Swords would be recommended? And I know the loach would be better off ( maybe better behaved- he's kind of a jerk!) in a group, so if I can locate more I will add another 2 Zebras. I would also love to add some sort of "specimen fish"- maybe a German Ram.

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