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I havent been posting here for long, but all my posts so far have been me asking a question or replying to people. This is really more of a discussion. Basically how do your fish interact with eachother?

In my tank there is qiute a bit of social interaction. All of my serpaes hang out in a loosely knit school and often chase each other around. My dwarf gaurami is a bit of a bully and tends to chase the swordtails and occasionally the serpaes. apparently the gaurami knows not to mess with my ropefish and butterflyfish and my corys and pleco never really get bothered by him either. My corys are pretty much all over the place, usually both together, scouring the bottom for leftovers and coming to the top at feeding. My butterflyfish just kinda hangs out at the top he's a loner. My pleco is also a loner and really lazy he spends most of his time under the same peice of decor unless hes out lookig for food. My ropefish is another loner, he spends a lot of time curled around things and hiding in the plants with his head poking out watching everything ocasionally wriggling out to go to a new hiding place. During feeding the serpaes dart everywhere in a frenzy eating almost entirely flake food. The gaurami and butterflyfish always go and pick bloodworm out. i the corys and swordtails come up to the top and eat flakes. I never see my ropefish eat, but i always throw a pinch of bloodworms in when the lights are out and hes been in the tank about a month, so hes gotta be eating something.

This all provides hours of entertainment for me, and i know your tanks do for you too, otherwise why would you have them? I'm curious, what patterns do you guys see in your tanks?
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