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what plecos do you have?

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what plecos do you keep? tell us about them!
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I made it over!

anybody recognise me??

My current list
1xcommon (albino)
1xancistrus sp.3 (bristlenose)
1xlda 25 (pitbull)
1xL27c (Xingu Royal)
1xL092 (Woodeating Lasiancistrus)
1xL187b (spotted bulldog)
1xL191 (dull eyed Royal)
1xL204 (Flash)
and my newest pick up (yesterday) Clown Pleco (L104 i think)

Hope everybody is ok! :D
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Blue said:
Yeah, Mike.:wink2: And not all members here are kids.:tongue:
Everybodys kidz Blue!! we are all young at heart!

Just my phrase, wasn't being serious!! :tease:
1 - 2 of 99 Posts
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