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what plecos do you have?

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what plecos do you keep? tell us about them!
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I have:
L021 x 2 (common)
L083 (Sailfin Gibby)
L204 (Flash)
LDA31 (Mustard Spot)
L002 (Tiger Peckoltia)
L134 x 5 (Leopard Frog Peckoltia)
L200 (Green Phantom)
L260 (Queen Arabesque)
L015 x 2 (Peckoltia Vittata)

I think that's it....
I kinda lose track!
Oh, and 13 LF ABN and ABN mixed juveniles arriving today! :D :D :welldone:
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Brie said:
Alexis said:
I have:
L021 x 2
L134 x 5
L015 x 2

I think that's it....
I kinda lose track!
:blink: Please post pics!!!
Soon, I promise~!!
Claude said:
I still hate you Tracy. :twisted:

(anyone who has any exspiereince robbing people of there fish please pm me, I need as much help as possible when i go to Tracy's house)
If we strap baggies to our legs and then just tell her we have to use her bathroom...sneak into the fish room, scoop and smile? We would just have to prevent sloshing noises until we got out of the house... :twisted:
I feel sleazy even joking about it. :cry:
1 - 3 of 99 Posts
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