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What kind of snail is this?

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Today someone gave me a giant snail of some sort but I don't know what. He's in a big jar right now becuase he came from a really gross tank and who knows what he could be carrying.
By the way, I named him Goliath :)

Does anyone know what he is? Will post more pics upon request.

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I plan to put him in my tank.
I don't think he's an apple snail :wink:
He looks like a type of mystery snail...they come in a variety of colors. How big is he?
i got one that looks like him...they were called mystery snails...i guess that was easier than naming are supposed to eat algae? thats what i got them to tell if they are thriving or miserable? mine are brand new and were active for a few hours and have been sedentary since just wondering how to tell if they arent doing well...thanks!

There are many different kinds of snails.I have five types.The cana snail which is in the apple snail family is large and not as colorful as the brigs type apple.Check out they give a good example.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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