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What kind of food for

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What kind of food the the Naso Tang? I got the flake but it doesn't seem the right food for him.

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There is one fish which you need to be careful of. It's False Cleaner Wrasse. The color patterns are almost the same as the True Cleaner Wrasse. They used mimicry to their advantage. Unsuspecting fish tend to assume that this 'cleaner' is going to clean them off parasites but the false cleaner will instead scrape off their scales which can be quite painful for the unsuspecting fish.

Differences are distinguished by the position of their mouths. True cleaners have mouths pointing forward like those of the freshwater pencilfish. False cleaners will have mouths positioned downward. This downward position allows them to scrape off scales with ease.:wink2:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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