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What kind of food for

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What kind of food the the Naso Tang? I got the flake but it doesn't seem the right food for him.

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You must feed him algea and seaweed. To feed my tangs I feed both of them seed weed selects 3x weekly they will eat brine shrimp to. But they need the algea or seaweed to survive.
No its perfectly fine in a reef system. I used to have one till I woke up onemorning and it died. I don't know why but it just died for now apparent reason. I have a purple tang and a powder blue tang. Just watch out the tang family can get ick vary easy. I best thing for that is a UV sterilizer and a cleaner shrimp or cleaner wrasse. I have both and the wrasse does his job better.
This is the wrasse I was talking about.

I would recommend everyone one have one in there tank.
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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