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What kind of Angelfish is this?(3 photos)

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I am guessing some type of marble..."Assorted Veil Angelfish" is all it said. Though he's got some nicks. I couldn't resist, I got him(her?). lol

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Well it's too young to technically tell but looks female to me from her angular body shape. She's a Veiltail for sure, she could be a Silver Striped Marble. That's my partially educated guess lol she's super cute though!
Well it's too young to technically tell but looks female to me from her angular body shape. She's a Veiltail for sure, she could be a Silver Striped Marble. That's my partially educated guess lol she's super cute though!
It doesn't have any silver stripes though. It's black and gold. It does have silver around the mouth, chin and face though.

I found one that looks similar called a "Golden Marble Veil" That it?

It is cute, thanks.
I'm working on that tail and the dorsal. It has a few more nips in it than I first though, I initially just saw the tail one, now I found a few more. I am hoping just having clean water and nothing to chew at it will work out without any issues. It's a nice weight(seems to be you can tell this is my first angel, I suppose it's a trial run since I'd like to breed them in the future, and research can only prepare you for so much until you get one), and is bright though. This morning it decided it wasn't so bad off, though it is by itself, tank is too small for another one, may even be too small for one once full grown, it's 20 gallons...I'm probably looking at a thirty gallon for her in the future and am saving up for one. =)
Yeah I'm no expert, I just know a few things here and there.

You ideally want a tank that is at least 18 inches long as their ventrals get long and you don't want them brushing against the substrate all the time I've been told. I'm sure they could get infected as any other fin can.
That'd be awful. Don't worry about not being an expert, those are hard to find anyways, and we all start somewhere. It was simple curiosity on what it's color would be called. lol I think it's Golden Marble. =) I wanted a golden marble, I just couldn't tell properly, he's starting to brighten up. He's a bit slow...and awkward, was swimming around in a slow circle last night(it wasn't like he was sick, ore like the "Where the heck am I" kinda circles), he's not doing that today and is investigating everything, ate some tasty brine shrimp too. I had to remove my airstone because I heard thy do not like them. lol

Well, that tank should be deep enough, but not long enough, and I don't think a thirty will be big enough either(perhaps for a single, but hey go big or go home, right?). Well, it is big enough and tall enough if he doesn't want to move much as an adult, and I'm going to have him in a big tank before then. Right now he's about the size of a fifty cent piece.
I'm saving up for another tank as we speak, it's just a matter big does it need to be for one of these? I should have one in just a couple months and will have established media to add and cycle it. But then...I'd like a big would you go? I'm thinking maybe 40-50 gallons, larger if I can find a good deal, and will have sand substrate(I heard they sometimes sift, is that true?). I wont be getting more until I know if I have what it takes though! Research I have done, I said, it's a whole other matter once you get them. Last thing I want is to get a breeding pair or something and kill them. lol I'm all livebearers and plecos, and crayfish...though I did do fine with a pair of German Blue Rams until the female died, then the male refused to eat soon after and stayed in her den until he died. I think I can handle aunt used to keep them so I'll be asking her for more..."I've kept them before" info, if you know what I mean.

By the way, this one needs a Jazz name. It was kinda...meh, as is expected when you first get them after a stressful move and all. But I was watching Cowboy Bebop and some jazz was playing and it seemed to perk up and went exploring. It did the same today. That fish likes jazz, and it look like a jazzy fish. xD
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I know a few Angel breeders and they breed their angels in 10 gallons. But to keep a 40 breeder is fine for a pair if there isn't much else in there, a 50-55 would be better.

Not sure about the sifting but many fish do that, or at least my fish do XD
M/+ or Gm/+, could be M/Z or Gm/Z as well, no doubt +v. Only way to be sure is to cross it with a g/g & see what percentage of gold/marble/silver/zebra fry you end up with. A 29 will give you the water depth you need if you're looking for breeding, works better for veil pairs. Save the 40b & 55 size tanks for growout, you'll need it. You can fit 6 potential breeder size angels in a 29, giving you a better than 90% chance of getting a pair. Keep a divider handy, move out the unpaired fish & you're off to the races, welcome to the joy & aggravation of breeding angels! I have a couple 55's I use for pairing, 6-12 fish depending on what I'm working with, some food & water tricks & it's a new pair.

Much of sexing is behavioral, observing the interaction between fish of the same age in a group. Looking at a picture of an angel that size online is straight up guessing.
Ahh, she died. =( I am not sure why though. Her tail was healing and she was active, far as angels go, and was eating happily. No parameter spikes, though I wonder if the water parameters were not right(Ammonia, nitrite were zero, nitrates are 5, she was the only fish in there, I otherwise had two ghost shrimp, temp was 77F, and a young blue crayfish who never bothered her, and about 15 pink ramshorn snails. She had no marks, just died...hardness is between 10-11, PH is 7.2...are these off for angels?). I turned on the lights and she seemed just fine, came looking for food, but I wait until they're awake to feed them after an hour or so. Came up about two hours later and she was dead and already floating. =(
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