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What is wrong with my pygmy corydoras?

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I know this is a betta forum, however not my betta is ill, but my pygmies seem to be ill.
I have a 5 gallon tank which I set up at the beginning of September. After a cycle to prevent bad water conditions I ended up with my betta Maximus and first 3 pygmies and then after two weeks I bought two more.
One died right after a day, the rest seemed fine.
Today another one died, which used to be fine in the morning. They have no signs of illness, so I have no clue at all...

I do water changes regularly, the temperature is set at 25°C, I feed flakes that sink to the ground as well, so they can eat this (or is that not enough?) and I also feed frozen food at least once a week. I am just worried that it will harm my betta as well.

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That's not really enough information to make any kind of guess. Except maybe you just bought sick fish. Post more info.
Or they coulda been old when you bought them. Like I said, more info.
I'm going to have a mod move this to the appropriate forum.
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