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What Happened to my Blood Parrt?

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My Blood parrot is always on top of water and dont show much movement form last 1 week.

I have treated her with ICK medicine but no use?

Would Salt bath effect ?

Other Parrot is just fine.


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Is other parrot or other fish picking on him ? Kind of looks like wounds.
I agree it does look like bite marks. I'm no expert on Parrots but I do know a thing or two.

What's the tank size, parameters, tankmates? List anything you can think of. Also why did you dose Ich meds? Did they have Ich or did you just dose it because you had it on hand?
1: The other one is also a Blood parrot but of bigger size.

2: Tank Size: 65 liters

3: Just two parrots in tank

5: they had Ick which is now Cured the bigger parrot recovered perfect but this one has wounds now but no sign on ick.

6: Temperature of tank is round 80 degree F

7: i think parrots require a hide out there is only one decoration in tank behind which the other parrot stays.

8: i have attached the medicine that i have

9: The PH test is between 8 and 8.5

Please help.


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Well first thing, your tank is waaaayyyy too small for two Parrots regardless of their sizes. For two Parrots you need at least a 200 liter tank or more. Parrots are cichlids and cichlids are very territorial, they need tons of space to spread out and pick out their own territories. Because you only have one decoration the bigger parrot claimed the tank as his own and will defend his territory at all costs. It's also recommended to have one male and one female even though they can't actually produce offspring.

EDIT: so basically your big fish is picking on your little fish and making him sick. Either get a 200 liter tank or larger or give the fish away/sell them and get fish appropriately sized for your tank.
Thanks lilnaugrim, what fish would you recommend for this Tank?
Anything relatively small, most Tetras, Rasboras, Danios, and cory cats. You'd have to get more decoration though as smaller fish prefer more hiding places so they feel comfortable. It's funny because the more hiding places you provide the more they are out in the open because they feel comfortable!
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Thanks :)

You suggest plants or stones?

What feeding times and quantity your suggest ?
For the Parrots or different fish? It all depends on your fish, if you have a nice big school of Tetras and a school of Cory catfish you could feed once a day just fine. A pinch of flakes and a high quality veggie wafer for the cory cats. You can even feed them actual veggies like raw cucumber. Some people suggest to blanch the cucumber but my cories/otos/plecos always loved it better raw. Just cut up a slice, weight it down with something like a rock or a fork and let them at it! The first time you do that, they might not find it right away but if you keep putting it in the same spot each time you feed, they'll know where to find dinner ^_^

Plants, I definitely suggest plants! Live plants is a very different story and if you want to tackle them, you'll need to do plenty of research of plants and of lighting fixtures. But you can use regular fake plants. I do still recommend silk/fabric plants over plastic plants as plastic plants can cut up fish fins and that's no good! So lots of plants of all sorts and some nice hiding places like you have now. The one is good but two or three is better :)

I know this is all a lot of money but fish keeping isn't cheap, I'll say that right now. If it is possible, can you find the Parrots a different home? Maybe someone who already knows and keeps Parrots or bring them back to the store? You could sell them too, I'm not trying to get you to just give them away since you did pay money for them and all!

I hope this helps and please ask all the questions you need, even if you think they are silly! Any question is valid ^_^
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Thanks for such a detailed response; today i have bought some plants and stones and found that Parrots are coming out more :) just amazed to see the wounded fish swimming all around.

Can you suggest me any way in with i can keep parrot fish :) in same tank :(
You cannot keep them in that tank unfortunately; they get much too big! Have you ever seen a full grown Parrot before? I can't remember exactly how big but each fish needs at least a a 132 liter but a 200 liter is much better for ONE parrot fish, not two parrot fish. So if you wanted to keep them you could upgrade your tank to a 200 liter and that would be totally fine! But if you are limited to that size tank then I suggest you move them out.

I mean, you can keep them in there if you really want to but it won't end well for you or the fish. They may get along in the end but more than likely that bigger one will find out that the little one makes a nice tasty treat one day and will kill him for intruding on his space! That would be pretty sad to happen :-(
yap you are right :) ... ill find them a new home. will also ping for new new fish and their diet plans.
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