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What fish?

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I am setting up a 15g tank and at first i tought i would have a pair of german blue rams but since my water parameters are not exactly perfect i was thinking i woud go with a pair of cribs but i dont no what do you think would they be suitable for a 15g tank or would any other chichilds do better.I am also thinking of breeding them so an easy to breed spicies would be welcome.I ve also herd that a lot of people are keeping apistos in 15g tanks, what would be a good beginner apisto for a 15g thats easy to breed+note that my water is on the hard side(7.5).

What do you think Chichilds or apistos??
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Apistos are a type of cichlid as well. I honestly wouldn't recommend either of these for a small tank. Only thing I can think of off the top of my head appropriate for 15g are shelldweller cichlids...

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