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What do you do to the tank when you find a fish has died?

  • I visually check the tank to make sure there are no sick fish, then I go about my day.

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  • I break the tank down, give it a good cleaning, toss the media and start the cycle all over

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Jaysee jinxed one of my tanks with this thread. after responding I glance at my tank and my albino redfin zebra was dead. Freakked out tore it down and bleached everything..even bleached the remaining fish
Ok well no, not technically..but I did use bleach to clean my kids bathroom later:lol:
Grabbed the fish tossed it everyone seemed happy to be rid of him in the tank yea. thats what I did(didn't have pie on hand, rexpepper..darn). Oh lets not forget called the fish store to see if any new F1s were in stock.

man thats really messed up! you def need some pie now after that!;-)
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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