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What do you do about hot weather & Mollies?

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I have tanks of Mollies normally at about 76F. When it starts to get hot over 88F, what do I do about the fish? I live in NH, don't care much for AC, but do have lots of windy days with the wind from the wide open marsh. It keeps things fairly cool for me, but the ambient temp is still measuring in the 90s for a couple of weeks. Will fish be OK, it won't happen quickly but during the heat of the day, what should I do? Are they OK to just handle it themselves?
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Make sure there is plenty of surface motion, warmer water holds less O2. A cool water change or floating some frozen water bottles will help bring it down a bit. Often a fan blowing over the surface will cool it some via evaporation.
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Freeze some empty water bottles, add a spare airline and rubberband the frozen bottle to the airline an allow to float,or add gravel and make it sink. The above suggestions will help as well.
uh... henningc, say that again?

What do you mean about the frozen bottles... do what with them? I can't see exactly what you mean, and how to use them in hot weather?

I have long airstones in each tank, plus the AquaClear filters. That does keep the water motion as pretty good... do I need more circulation?
take a water bottle and put it in the freezer then once its nice and icy float it in your tank. It will lower the water temp. Sometimes it can lower the water temp too fast though which could harm the fish. try taking the lid off your tank and running a fan on high first
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