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Im sure many of you guys have heard of a weather loach. It gets it name because it can predict the weather. When a storm is about to come it will swim frantically around the glass acting like it wants to escape.

It is now the second storm weve had in 2 weeks and each time before the storm hits, my danios act the same way but they school as if trying to find protection. I'm just wondering if maybe thes danios are like the weather loach.

After the storms my danios are back to normal, swimming around, playing tag.

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they can probably feel the pressure change in the water,from hthe
outside air pressure
although our fish are in aquariums,they are still ruled
some what by the elements.
you can also see this behaviour in other animals,
a dog for instance may do one of two things
become incredibly restless,or sit behind a sofa
and whimper.
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