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From what I've read, water wisteria is incredibly easy to grow because it is so adaptable and hardy. It can adapt to many different light conditions. It seems you don't have to fertilize it. If it gets out of hand, trim it by chopping off the root part and then re-plant it; it will grow a new root system in no time. Someone wrote that they cut off a large part of the top part of the plant, but it died after that.

It likes any temps between 65-82 degrees, and pH levels of about 5-8. It can even grow out of the water if you let it, and then you can take that part and plant it in a garden or whatever, and it will root and be beautiful.

It's great to maintain the health of your tank because it absorbs large amounts of wastes and also helps control algae.

Since it does grow so quickly it's better for tanks 15 gallons or larger, so you're fine there since you have a 20-gal.
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