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Water Plants With Longest and Most Roots?

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Can anyone recommend to me some names of water plants with the most and the longest roots? I want to oxygenate the sand in my "swamp" tank, and I dont want hydrogen sulfide bubbles forming (it seems that the hydrogen sulfide is cut down drastically if the air pump is on (and the milky white bacteria film floating on the bottom goes away, too)... but that seems to affect the number of infusoria (protists) in the tank, which I am trying to encourage to multiply as much as possible (they liked it a lot when I left the tank with no filter on for months).

It's a tank for daphnia, fairy shrimp, ghost shrimp, algae, and all sorts of stuff, but I need a way to get the sand oxygenated and having tons of water plant roots would help solve the problem.
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Welcome to the board!

Trumpet snails help.

Check the fish profiles up top, there is a plant section. Most of the substrate rooted plants will do what you are looking for.

How deep is your sand that you are worried about H2S?

Welcome to the forum! You sound like you have a very interesting tank.

Swords typically have massive root systems. Crypts will have extensive root system, too. Both are heavy root-feeders. If you see a fish or plant name highlighted like amazon sword or undulated crypt, you can click on it and a new tab will open with the profile including things like light needs and approx size.
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